Membership benefits

Joining ZPF gives financial services companies:

  • a chance to participate in and influence the lawmaking process in order to create regulations which better suit the needs of financial services enterprises,
  • up-to-date information about legal initiatives in poland and the EU,
  • the ability to cosult regulations which aim at adjusting Polish law to EU standards,
  • a possibility to present the company’s positions before authorities governing the Polish financial market (ie. Ministry of Finance, Polish Financial Services Authoty),
  • better access to consumer finance market information and data,
  • access to ZPF’s consultation documents and position papers on issues vital for the retail financial services industry,
  • possibility to participate in ZPF’s educational initiatives such as workshops and conferences,
  • a platform for developing you company’s goodwill through supporting ZPF’s ethical program and relations with consumer protection authorities and consumer organisations,
  • a chance to set business conduct standards of the Polish financial service industry.

How to become a Member?

To become a Member of ZPF you need to be an enterprise set in Poland which conducts its business mainly on the consumer credit provision and intermediation market or provides sevices directly linked to providing credit such as banking services, financial planning, debt collection and management, economic and credit information exchange or insurance.

A company intending to become a member of ZPF has to provide:

  • membership declaration confirmed by two existing ZPF members,
  • completed membership survey,
  • set of up-to-date registration documents which confirm conducting business within the outlined market scope and indicating the lagal form of the enterprise (a company of the company’s registartion documents, statistical office registration and income tax registration).